Deceptive Cue Definitions

Cue Name Dimension Example Number of Words
WC Word Count
allpunc # of all punctuation
othref Other references to people 1st pl,2nd,3rd per prsns 54
you Total second person Click Here 14
sixltr % words longer than 6 letters
social Social Processes talk,us,friend 325
period # of period
unique Unique words (type/token ratio)
time Time hour,day,o clock 113
WPS Words per sentence
article Articles a ,an,the 3
sense Sensory and Perceptual Processes see,touch,listen 112
present Present tense verb walk,is,be 261
Cogmech Cognitive Processes cause,know,ought 322
Posefeel Positive feelings happy,joy,love 43
we 1st person plural we,ourus 11
past Past tense verb walked,were,had 145
Excl Exclusive but,except,without 19
pronoun Total pronouns 73
preps Prepositions on,to,from 43
posemo Positive Emotions happy,pretty,good 265
discrep Discrepancy should,would,could 33
Incl Inclusive with,and,include 16
Self Total first person I,we,me 20
Exclam # of exclamation
Tentat Tentative maybe,perhaps,guess 81
comma # of comma
qmarks Sentences ending with ?
swear Swear words damn,piss 32
space Space around,over,up 74
future Future tense verb will,might,shall 14
music Music tunes,song,cd 31
affect Affective or Emotional Processes happy,ugly,bitter 619
colon # of colon
Inhib Inhibition block,constrain 64
See Seeing look,saw 32
Motion Motion walk,move,go 73
certain Certainty always,never 117
insight Insight think,know,consider 9
I 1st person singular I,my,me 9