Text Info: Canada Revenue Agency www.cra.gc.ca Dear Mr. Perera Our records indicate insufficient information for your income tax return. As a result, you have been exempt from the Canadian Tax reporting and withholdings on claims to be paid to you. To apply for your claims we have been required by law to update our records in order to rectify your exemption status. Therefore, your are to use this form to claim your benefit or SR&ED carried out in Canada during this year. Authenticate the following by completing form schedule T2, and return to us as soon as possible through the fax number: 1-800 234 5678 or send through attached to the E-mail When completing form T2, please follow the steps below 1. We need you to provide your permanent address if different from the current mailing address on your form T2. You must indicate your country of origin to support your resident status( if your bank account or other financial dealing has a Canada address for mailing purpose). If any join account holder are now Canada Residents or Citizen, or in any way subject to Canada tax reporting, please check the box in this section All account holders sign and date the form separately and fax it to above-mentioned number. Please complete form T2 attached and return to us with 2 (two) weeks from the receipt of this letter in order to enable us update your records immediately If you do not meet this reporting deadline, we may reject your claim or it will be subject to Canada tax reporting and back up withholding (if back up withholding applies, we are required by law to withhold 30% of the benefit paid to you. On this form, references the Act are to the Income Tax Act. References to the Regulations are to the Income Tax Regulations. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us protect your exempt status and also update our records.