Text Info: Jim, I couldn't stand being a bystander and continue to watch your wife make you out to be such a fool any more. Not to mention your family. Erica has been having a very, long standing affair with a single man in Fairfield who is also an attorney in NY. We don't know this man very well, but we do know him enough but we are reluctant to mention his name. We are too close to your family and the situation, along with the kids being friends with his. This will be very hard on them too. Especially knowing what there mother has been doing and plotting with him for so long now. How will they respect her again. I'm sure that you will be able to figure it out who it is, if you don't know already. I'm assuming you don't or someone would have mentioned it to me. I can't understand how she could be so brazen and disrepectful of your marriage and humiliate everyone this way. I know that there are big issues in your marriage, but the affair is what is putting the nail in the coffin and has been the catalyst to your issues. They try to be secretive, but all our friends are aware, and they have seen sneaking around CT and NY. She's clearly interested in the money that goes along with this relationship. She has spent an enormous amount of time with him over the last 2-3 weeks. Sad by the hard truth of your marriage and your wife. My husband and I know your family too well, and we had mutually agreed that coming to you in person would only hurt more people and relationships. This was the only way to get this out in the open with the least amount of heartache for everyone. We are very sorry for you and that we felt this was the only way to tell you. Hoping that you both can turn this around and work on a continued future together. If nothing else, to save your children from the humiliation that this will cause by ending your marriage for this man. Erica will lose the respect of you, your children, family and friends. She will never regain that. So unvelievable that she is so short sighted not to see this. Not to mention that this is a rebound relationship that will have a host of it's own issues, and probably won't be able to last over time. Affairs never do and I don't see him as a worthy candidate for her. Again, we are sorry for having to tell you this way. There didn't appear to be any other choice.