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  1. File Name: The name of the upload file. If you choose to type the content,a file name will be generated automatically using a count seed.
  2. File Status:The detection result of the content: normal or deceptive.
  3. Deceptive Cue:Generated only if File is Deceptive. The name of feature (cue) determining deceptiveness. 40 deceptive cues are used in this tool. Please click on the link for more detailed information about the cues.
  4. Deceptive Level:Generated only if File is Deceptive.Too high or Too lower. This means: in the test content, the value of the determining deceptive cue is much higher or much lower than the normal case.
  5. Is Analysis Correct?If you are sure about the deceptiveness of the content, you can give us the feedback of the result. It will help us to improve our algorithm in the future. Or you can just choose not sure if you do not know the deceptiveness of the content.