Text Analytics: Deception Detection and Gender Identification from Text

Deception is falsification of information. Detecting deception from text is a challenging problem. Deceptive text content, for example, may be found in social networking sites, emails scams, email phishing, blogs, chat rooms, etc. Our approach uses a combination of psychology, linguistics and statistical analysis to detect deception. Try it! We do not capture any personal information. The text your enter will be stored for further research.

Click the text files below to see examples of deceptive text content:

Example Description FileName Deceptive Cue Too High?
Deceptive Example 1 employment.txt article too low
Deceptive Example 2 Gates.txt you too high
Deceptive Example 3 nigerian.txt sixltr too high
Deceptive Example 4 rental.txt swear too low
Deceptive Example 6 obama.txt I too low
Canada Tax Revenue Scam letter.txt othref too high


Click on the link below to See Scam Examples From Craigslist:

Craigslist scam examples


Determine deceptiveness of text content By Entering Your Own Text,Uploading A File Or Entering the Website URL:

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Determine the Gender of An Existing File:

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